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Why Choose Interlink Technology Services?


We know that IT is expensive, so were here to change the game and bring products and services at price points that blow away the competition while maintaining the quality of service you deserve.


Open source is the name of the game here. We hate locking our customers into a system. With the products we provide you'll never feel stuck in the box. 


Looking to expand on the infrastructure you already have. We'll do everything we can to make what you have work with that ever you wanna add on. The products and services we provide are expandable to any scale from the small condo to sporting arenas.


Is downtime not an option? That's not a problem. We offer 24/7 emergency support options, and only offer products that we have tested ourselves.


Interlink technology Services is ready to provide you with top notch digital security. We know the ins and out of making your home or business safe from cyber security threats. Ask us about integration with other security products! 

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